Chris Bubser
Democrat for Congress

Chris Bubser is running for Congress in California’s 8th District.

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CA-08 Deserves A Champion

A champion for Eastern California

Chris is running for Congress to protect what is vulnerable and precious in CA-08. Our environment, access to affordable healthcare, our jobs, and people – many hard-working residents who struggle daily to support their families, veterans, children, and newcomers to our country.

Chris was propelled into political life in 2017, when she realized that the Affordable Care Act was about to be repealed by the Trump Administration. Access to comprehensive health coverage is personal to Chris. In addition to seeing how many medications were out of reach for everyday Americans during her time in healthcare, Chris has personally lived through the health challenges of several close friends and family – some who were brought to the brink of financial crisis. Chris fought the repeal of the ACA on the front lines, by marching, demonstrating and visiting members of Congress.

A single win though is not enough.
We have more to do.


Chris announced her run for Congress on Earth Day because the health of our earth and its natural resources have never been more imperiled. The parks and environmental monuments of our district are a national treasure already feeling the threats of our changing climate. 

It is vital to recognize the connection between the health of our environment and everything else that is precious to the residents of California’s 8th Congressional District.  A healthy earth provides the foundation for the health of our economy, our people, schools, and even our democratic values.

Chris will work to:​
  • bring new and sustainable jobs to the district;

  • preserve the many environmental treasures of eastern California; 

  • ensure everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare; 

  • make well-funded public education a priority; 

  • guarantee our veterans receive the benefits and healthcare they were promised;

  • and work for a fair and practical immigration policy that keeps families together and children out of cages.

Join Chris Bubser today - let’s have clarity and courage to make Eastern California a leader in saving our planet and lifting up our people.

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