CA-08 Deserves A Champion

"I’m running for Congress because Washington is broken and our community needs a representative who has an open door for her constituents, not corporate donors."

I was propelled into public service in 2017 when the Affordable Care Act came under fire, and I dedicated myself to protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions, expanding access to affordable healthcare, and working to lower the price of prescription drugs. I am the mother of a child who had epilepsy and a friend to many who either live with serious health conditions or have lost their struggles against diseases like cancer and HIV. I am the daughter of a mother with dementia, and father who lost his long battle with cancer and heart disease. I am not unique - we all have these stories in our lives. We all deserve quality, affordable healthcare and no one should have to fight with insurance companies for coverage or go bankrupt in the process of getting the care they need, especially those who have served our country in the armed forces. Years spent in the biotech industry give me the experience to fight for better healthcare for all the families in the 8th. 


I announced my run for Congress on Earth Day 2019, because the health of our Earth and its natural resources have never been more in jeopardy. My family and I love our home in Mammoth Lakes too much not to fight to protect the places where we have hiked, fished, skied, camped and lived, and where so many of our neighbors love and call home. 


As your Representative, my job will be to represent all of the the people of the 8th, and the land that we live on and are entrusted to protect. This district can be a model for how to do things differently - we just need to have the will to work together to find solutions. In this country, which I love so much, that is what we have always done.


Traveling around this vast and varied district I hear from so many people who are just trying to make a good life here. What you all constantly remind me is that no matter what our political leanings or where in the district we live, we’re all concerned about the same things: being able to live a secure, happy, and fulfilling life. It’s the family connections, the good times with friends, and the sources of meaning that matter most to all of us. But without reliable healthcare, good jobs, and opportunities to learn and contribute, those things can be out of reach for far too many folks. I hear it from veterans, environmentalists, moms and dads, union representatives, and young people: All we’re asking for is a chance to thrive. In America, everyone should have that chance. And I’ll do everything I can to make sure they do.


We have big challenges to confront. But with big challenges come big opportunities: to lift up our friends, neighbors, families and businesses. I am committed to putting the people of CA-08 before partisan interests and corporate donors and to being your voice in Washington. I’ll always put what’s right for our district and our country first, and I’ll always have an open door for you. I’m a problem-solver by nature, and I believe anything is possible when we work together.

But I can’t do any of this alone. I need your support. This is a team effort and I we all have a role to play. So, contribute what you can, volunteer when you can, and please vote for a change on or before November 3rd. Let’s not leave one person behind. A brighter day is ours for the taking.

Chris Bubser
Democrat for Congress

Chris Bubser is running for Congress in California’s 8th District.

P.O. Box 3702,

Victorville, CA 92393

For general & volunteer inquiries, please contact:  [email protected]

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