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RELEASE: Victor Valley Residents Share Healthcare Stories and Priorities at 1st Bubser Town Hall

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Bubser Pledges to Fight for Accessible and Affordable Care

Victorville, CA - In its inaugural town hall on Wednesday night, the Chris Bubser for Congress campaign gave local voters the opportunity to share their personal and family stories about healthcare-related challenges and ask questions about Chris’s vision for improving healthcare. Several local residents, including RN and former candidate for Congress Marge Doyle, participated in the town hall to illustrate their health struggles in hopes that Chris will prioritize the health of her constituents in Congress.

About fifty attendees participated in the healthcare town hall for a two-way discussion that ranged from affordable treatment to protecting pre-existing conditions to surprise medical bills. Since taking office in 2013, current Representative Paul Cook has never held a town hall for his constituents, and in 2017 voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which provides health coverage for 100,000 residents in California’s 8th district--that’s 1 in every 7 residents.

Access to healthcare should not depend on whether or not you have a pre-existing condition, whether your employer offers insurance, whether you change or lose your job, or whether you are self-employed or unemployed,” said Chris. “We all need access to healthcare that is affordable, and we need hospitals and doctors that are located in and near our communities.

Giselle White, a long time High Desert resident shared her story about losing her health insurance after her job in a local school district was eliminated in 2009. It was only because of the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 that her husband, who had multiple pre-existing conditions, that they were able to obtain health coverage. White is also battling cancer and fears constantly that she will lose coverage. “If you’ve ever gone on Paul Cook’s website. Look at how he votes on healthcare. Healthcare is an American issue - we need the ACA so that we can be all be healthy and sleep at night.”

During the town hall, Chris shared her vision for healthcare for residents of California’s 8th. “My vision is straight and clear - we need comprehensive and affordable healthcare options that are accessible for every single person in the 8th.

Asked specifically about her support for Medicare for All, Chris said, “I agree with the spirit of Medicare for All because it means we’re covering everyone and that is the goal we all want and we each deserve. But we need to be careful and thoughtful about how we get there. There is not a plan out there yet that gets us to universal coverage without potential unintended consequences.”

Marge Doyle, an elected member of the Morongo Basin Healthcare District and former congressional candidate shared that she is a three time “cancer conqueror.” She said, “Illness seeks us out as humans - it’s an equal opportunity exploiter. I’m enthusiastic about Chris because she believes that as humans we must all have care - I can’t think of a better person to represent the needs of our district.”

The town hall was held at the San Bernardino County Fair in Victorville. Photos and video are available upon request. Chris has pledged to continue holding similar issue-based forums throughout her campaign.


Chris Bubser is an engineer, healthcare advocate, organizer, and conservationist running for Congress to protect what is vulnerable and precious in California's 8th District. Chris has dedicated her career to community-building in order to meet tough challenges challenges such as protecting our healthcare and taking a stand against climate change.

CA-08 is currently represented by Trump-supporter Paul Cook. Stretching from Mono Lake to Twentynine Palms, it encompasses most of California's Eastern Sierra and Mojave Desert regions. It includes Inyo and Mono Counties as well as most of San Bernardino County.

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