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Latest Hypocrisy Exposed While Career Politician Poses With Armed Forces

June 2nd, Victorville, CA -- Today congressional candidate Chris Bubser (CA-08) condemned Assemblyman Jay Obernolte for using veterans as political props while simultaneously refusing to support measures to provide funding for veteran’s housing. 

“While Assemblyman Obernolte has been campaigning for the prevention of closing the Barstow Veteran’s Home for weeks, including frequenting a radio show and appearing at a rally unmasked, he is not supporting funding for veterans behind closed doors,” critiqued Bubser, “I care deeply about protecting the Barstow Veterans Home and have assembled a Veterans Advisory Committee to ensure its continued existence. This district deserves a representative that will act instead of just posture for political gain.”

Obernolte twice refused to vote on the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2020. In a statement to the Victorville Daily Press on May 14th, Obernolte insisted it was, “Unconscionable to balance the budget on the backs of our veterans and even worse to displace the 200 residents who currently call this home.” Despite this, Obernolte voted against three state budgets containing funding for the Barstow Veterans Home and has failed to support measures to prevent veteran homelessness. 

“Obernolte is a Parade Politician who likes to get his picture taken,” remarked spokesperson Lindsay Barnes, “But no one cares if he shows up to shake hands if he doesn’t show up and vote how he says he will. We don’t need public officials like Jay Obernolte who collect taxpayer-funded living stipends even when they fail to show up to work.”

Chris Bubser is an engineer and biotechnology advisor who has spent decades working to bring life-saving treatments to patients. Chris’s father was an engineer who did scientific research for the military for three decades and her uncle served in the Marine Corps in WWII. Chris gained a deep respect for the armed forces from her family and is an example of how scientists can serve our country and support our active duty service members and veterans.


Democrat Christine Bubser is a working mom who built a career delivering lifesaving treatments for patients. But when Chris had to fight her insurance to cover her own daughter with epilepsy, she decided to take on the special interests that have broken our healthcare system. Local leaders and labor unions have endorsed Chris because they know she will stand up to special interests and leaders from either party to lower health care costs and bring down the cost of living.


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