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Obernolte again remains silent

June 25th, Victorville, CA -- Today, Chris Bubser, biotechnology advisor and candidate for Congress in California’s 8th district, expressed deep concern over the administration’s proposal this past weekend that the United States, “Slow the testing down,” for COVID-19, so that reported cases don’t continue to rise. 

“The idea that the United States should ‘slow down’ COVID-19 testing efforts not only flies in face of all the evidence we have about how to mitigate the disease’s devastation, but comes just as COVID-19 cases in California’s 8th Congressional district are hitting an all-time high,” said Bubser. 

On June 23rd, San Bernardino County reported its highest single-day increase of COVID-19 cases, 649, bringing the county total to more than 10,000 since the beginning of the pandemic. At least 234 deaths have been reported to date in San Bernardino County.

“Massive scale-up of COVID-19 testing is among the most important tools we have to track cases, get people care, identify hot spots, and implement policies designed to save American lives.” Bubser continued, “For too long we have been subject to politicians who prioritize re-election over facts and truth. Assemblyman Obernolte’s silence on this matter, reckless negligence on COVID-19, and pattern of voting against healthcare system preparedness, can only be read as an implicit endorsement of this overt politicization of COVID-19 testing.”

Obernolte’s negligence on COVID-19 follows a career-long pattern of voting against healthcare system preparedness, which has left his own constituents and millions of Californians needlessly vulnerable to Coronavirus infection.

  • In 2019, Obernolte voted against AB 555, which would increase the number of paid sick days for Californians and ensure that paid sick leave would be protected in the event of a ‘public health emergency.”

  • In 2019, Obernolte voted against a bill intended to grant paid leave to Californians caring for seriously ill children and family members. 

  • In 2019, Obernolte voted against requiring most large insurance policies to cover “medically necessary” prescriptions.

  • In 2019, Obernolte voted against legislation seeking to prevent surprise emergency room billing.

  • In 2015, Obernolte voted against restoring a $1.9 million budget to the Meals on Wheels program, which has proven to be an essential service for Californians at high risk for COVID-19.

  • And he has repeatedly opposed vaccination requirements in schools and day care centers.

Chris Bubser is an engineer and biotechnology advisor who has a depth of experience with public health crises. During the early years of the AIDS epidemic Bubser was charged with bringing together a coalition of the most important HIV/AIDS advocacy and service organizations with the FDA, leading clinicians in the field, and scientists to make sure that any person with AIDS who needed access to a treatment that was already approved for cancer and proving to be vital in the AIDS population had access to it. 

Chris Bubser
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