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Bubser’s Republican opponent in CA-08 attacks services during global pandemic

April 29, Victorville, CA -- Today, with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States reaching the one million mark, Chris Bubser, biotechnology advisor and candidate for Congress in California’s 8th Congressional district, condemns anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist Jay Obernolte for downplaying the threat of Coronavirus and attacking social safety net programs.

"From day one, Assemblyman Obernolte has ignored public health experts and irresponsibly downplayed the severity of COVID-19, putting our community at risk" said Bubser.

On March 27th Obernolte shared the following graph from the Los Angeles Times on his official California State Assembly Facebook page. In addition to cropping out the footnote that stipulated the data was provided by Johns Hopkins, he remarked “I know that newspapers are in the businesses of selling more newspapers. But scare tactics like this graph are not helpful.”

"It is inexcusable that, more than a full week after the stay-at-home order was issued, Obernolte still refused to listen to experts and left constituents in harm's way," Bubser continued. "As we reach one million cases it is clear, now more than ever, that we need to elect experts who follow the evidence, not politicians who put party before our community’s safety.”

More recently, in response to Governor Newsom’s efforts to deliver relief as expediently as possible by issuing an executive order waiving eligibility re-determinations for 90 days for Californians who participate in programs such as Medi-Cal health coverage, CalFresh food assistance, and CalWORKS, Obernolte criticized Governor Newsom for “ “shoring up” social safety net programs.” As reported by the Sacramento Bee on April 25th.

“Obernolte has a long history of voting against working Californians from opposing Medi-Cal benefits, to voting against paid medical leave and protections for gig-economy workers, so his tone deafness on this issue isn’t completely surprising,” commented campaign spokesperson Lindsay Barnes. “But you would hope in a time of crisis, that he would listen to the experts for once rather than undermining them.”

“Unfortunately this is what we can expect from a career politician and well-documented anti-vaxxer.” She continued, “Programs like Medi-cal and CalFresh are essential resources, particularly during a global health pandemic that has left working Californians unemployed and our economy on the brink of recession. Obernolte’s dismissal is an abandonment of his constituents’ needs.”

Jay Obernolte leads the Assembly’s anti-vaccination charge in Sacramento calling vaccinations intrusive to constitutional freedoms. He has repeatedly opposed vaccination requirements in schools and day care centers.

Chris Bubser is an engineer and biotechnology advisor who has a depth of experience with public health crises. During the early years of the AIDS epidemic Bubser was charged with bringing together a coalition of the most important HIV/AIDS advocacy and service organizations with the FDA, the leading clinicians in the field, and scientists to make sure that any AIDS patient who needed access to drug that was already approved for cancer treatment and proving to be vital in the AIDS population, had access to it.

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