Expanding Affordable Healthcare Access

Chris believes that healthcare is a fundamental right and will fight to make sure every American has quality, affordable healthcare coverage. She will work to preserve and expand the critical protections of the Affordable Care Act to provide medical security and peace of mind to the residents of the 8th district.  Chris will address out-of-reach drug prices so that treatment of both common and acute illnesses never threatens the financial stability of our families.

Access to healthcare also means being able to go to a doctor and a hospital in the community.  Chris will be dedicated to protecting rural hospitals, community health centers, and trauma centers, and expanding home care options for seniors and others who need it. 


Economy & Jobs

Improving and Energizing Our Economy 

Chris will improve our economy in the district by bringing in clean industry and sustainable energy jobs. Meeting the climate challenge we face must be reflected in the infrastructure we invest in and the jobs of the future it can bring. 


Chris will seek funding to expand local educational opportunities in order to teach tomorrow’s workers vitally needed skilled trades and technical jobs.



Defending Our Environment

California’s 8th congressional district contains some of America’s most pristine and beloved outdoor spaces. Chris will fight to defend our environmental treasures and the threats we are facing from climate change, ravaging wildfires, industrial contamination, pollution and groundwater mining projects like Cadiz. Our district’s vast and varied natural resources and beauty are irreplaceable. We are a vibrant destination for millions of nature lovers and sports enthusiasts from around the country. That tourism fuels an economy with small businesses and local jobs which for most are tied to healthcare access. Chris will be a fierce advocate for a most valuable source of pride and prosperity for our district. 



Making Public Education a Priority 

Chris believes we must serve our students better through well-funded public schools and more resources for teachers. Public education must matter more. Chris is dedicated to pursuing all solutions to make California the leader once again in providing a world-class public education for our children and our future. 



Honoring Our Veterans

Our veterans deserve our respect and support - we must take care of those who have put their lives on the line to defend us. Chris champions fully supporting veterans and their families with healthcare, jobs, education, childcare, and a fully-resourced VA.  Every veteran must get the care they need and earned, including the best mental health services and support for other life-altering injuries or disabilities resulting from their defense of our country.



Fixing Our Immigration System

Chris knows America’s strength is our diversity and the beacon of freedom we remain for the world. But she also knows that we must also look at our immigration policy overall and address what is happening today at our border. Chris supports changes that would bring about a fair, practical, and comprehensive immigration policy addressing both legal asylum seekers and law-abiding, undocumented immigrants. 
Chris does not support separating families at the border.  She does not believe that holding children away from their parents in wire cages best represents our shared American values.


Chris supports continuing protections for DACA recipients and would want to see them included in any long-term, fair, and practical immigration policy.


Protecting a Woman's Right to Choose


Chris believes that every woman deserves access to quality reproductive healthcare services, including safe and legal abortion—regardless of where she lives, how much money she makes, or how she is insured, and that government has no place getting between a woman and her doctor, family or faith when she is facing one of the toughest decisions of her life.


The ability for someone to decide when or if they want to start a family is a human right, is protected by our Constitution, and is deeply connected to economic security and personal happiness. That’s why Chris supports the availability of the full range of family planning services, quality pre- and post-natal care, and providing young people with evidence-based sex education. 

Gun Violence

Smart Solutions to Keep Communities Safe


Chris strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and the fundamental right to protect oneself and one's family, but she also knows that there is more we can do to protect our communities from gun violence. Chris recognizes that gun violence is a grave threat to public health, and must be treated as such. That is why she supports common-sense legislation aimed at keeping all Americans safe, while also respecting all Americans’ right to bear arms. She believes there is another way besides the inertia and name-calling we’re currently getting from our leaders in Washington on this issue.

Like the vast majority of Americans--including Democrats, Republicans, and gun owners right here in our district--Chris supports universal background checks and so-called “red flag laws,” which empower communities to limit access to weapons for people who have clearly demonstrated a threat to themselves or others. For Chris, any such “red flag laws” must include strong accountability mechanisms and should be continually evaluated to ensure they are not over- or misused.

Tragically, gun violence has become an epidemic in our country, and just like any other epidemic it needs to be studied rigorously if we are to find a cure that works. Chris will work to provide the CDC with the resources it needs to properly research this issue. The detailed data that we’ll uncover is the only way to craft legislation that addresses the problem of gun violence while also protecting the rights of responsible citizens to own and use firearms for recreation and self-defense.

Chris Bubser
Democrat for Congress

Chris Bubser is running for Congress in California’s 8th District.

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