Expanding Affordable Healthcare Access

Chris believes that healthcare is a fundamental right and will fight to make sure every American has quality, affordable healthcare coverage. She will work to preserve and expand the critical protections of the Affordable Care Act to provide medical security and peace of mind to the residents of the 8th district.  Chris has a plan to reduce health care costs, protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, lower prescription drug prices, and produce critical supplies and lifesaving medicines here in the U.S. instead of foreign countries. 

Access to healthcare also means being able to go to a doctor and a hospital in the community.  Chris will be dedicated to protecting rural hospitals, community health centers, and trauma centers, and expanding home care options for seniors and others who need it.

Chris Has the experience we need to take on COVID-19 and was on the frontline at the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. She will keep our families healthy, prepared, and supports making a vaccine free, when available.


Economy & Jobs

Improving and Energizing Our Economy 

Chris will rebuild our economy and as a small businesswoman, understands how to create good-paying jobs, invest in skilled-trade training, expand paid family and medical leave, and lower taxes for middle-class Californians to help families get ahead.


Chris will improve our economy in the district by bringing in clean industry and sustainable energy jobs. Meeting the climate challenge we face must be reflected in the infrastructure we invest in and the jobs of the future it can bring. 


Chris will seek funding to expand local educational opportunities in order to teach tomorrow’s workers vitally needed skilled trades and technical jobs.


Public Lands

Defending Our Environment

California’s 8th congressional district contains some of America’s most pristine and beloved outdoor spaces. Chris will fight to defend our environmental treasures and the threats we are facing from climate change, ravaging wildfires, industrial contamination, pollution and groundwater mining projects like Cadiz. Our district’s vast and varied natural resources and beauty are irreplaceable. We are a vibrant destination for millions of nature lovers and sports enthusiasts from around the country. That tourism fuels an economy with small businesses and local jobs which for most are tied to healthcare access. Chris will be a fierce advocate for a most valuable source of pride and prosperity for our district. 



Making Public Education a Priority 

Chris believes we must serve our students better through well-funded public schools and more resources for teachers. Public education must matter more. Chris is dedicated to pursuing all solutions to make California the leader once again in providing a world-class public education for our children and our future. 



Honoring Our Veterans

Our veterans deserve our respect and support - we must take care of those who have put their lives on the line to defend us. Chris champions fully supporting veterans and their families with healthcare, jobs, education, childcare, and a fully-funded VA.  Every veteran must get the care they need and earned, including health coverage and benefits - especially for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals - and the best mental health services and support for other life-altering injuries or disabilities. In Congress, Chris will fight to ensure the Barstow Veterans Home remains open and fully funded. 

Chris Bubser
Democrat for Congress

Chris Bubser is running for Congress in California’s 8th District.

P.O. Box 3702,

Victorville, CA 92393

For general & volunteer inquiries, please contact:  [email protected]

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